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Image Enhancer: College Students

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Today people start judging a person starting right from first sight.
If the outlook from the first moment isn’t right, rebuilding the image will require a lot of work. When you project an image of confidence, you are more likely to succeed in your career and social relationships. Everything defines a person’s image, from the first impression to the lasting perception.
The Image Enhancer Program for College Students gives an understanding of ourselves, our tastes, our likes & dislikes, our personality, our roles & goals. The course achieves this by focusing on the Image’s 3 resources: your Appearance, Behavior & Communication.


  • Learn the critical elements to create a great first impression in college or in a job interview
  • Learn to dress well for every situation in life, as per your body type, for every mood
  • Pick the right accessories as per your job, occasion & outfit
  • Learn grooming & understand your skin & hair care
  • Learn how to impress others with your mannerism
  • Discover how to make proper eye contact & read various facial expression
  • Master the right posture & handshake
  • Learn the various body language signs & their messages
  • Set the correct tone & pitch in your voice
  • Learn skills of how to be a good conversationalist
  • Learn how to ace any interview

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: College students from all professional & academic backgrounds can join this course.

FORMAT: 60 min live online classes (Viz Zoom)


  • Online Class 1 – Dressing | 20th Feb 2023 | 6 PM IST
  • Online Class 2 – Accessories | 21st Feb 2023 | 6 PM IST
  • Online Class 3 – Grooming | 22nd Feb 2023 | 6 PM IST
  • Online Class 4 – Etiquette | 23rd Feb 2023 | 6 PM IST
  • Online Class 5 – Communication | 24th Feb 2023 | 6 PM IST
  • Online Class 6 – Interview Skills | 25th Feb 2023 | 6 PM IST

All students will be provided with a certificate of completion at the end of the course.